Five students received some prizes
First prize: HAPPI SAH Jean Serge
Second prize: SNHANDJI Hilaire Ndzi
Third prize: KOUEMOU Hatou Cedric
Fourth prize: TEYANG Bella
Fifth prize: IPAN Antoine Arnaud
Participants with diplomas
Special coming activities
Laser fest: 5 th November 2010 at University of Yaoundé I
Study tour: 18-19 th November 2010 in Douala
Become a chapter's member

To become a chapter's member is very easy. You much meet the president and show your interest to being a chapter's member. During our activities there are some recruitment contests. You can attend to our activity and show your interest.

The chapter has two types of members. All those following members are from the University of Yaoundé I.
Staff members
The president: Talla Mbé Jimmi Hervé
PhD student, email:, Phone: (237)75 48 24 06.
The vice president: Dr. Mboussi Nkomidio Aissatou
Email:, phone : (237) 76 61 88 72/ (237) 96 06 56 51
Secretary:: Simo Herve
PhD student, email:, phone: (237) 75 04 71 78
Treasure: Nantcho Wandjou William Maturin
PhD student, email:, phone: (237) 33 00 95 74
Advisor: Pr. Woafo Paul
Vice-Dean in charge of Research and Cooperation, faculty of sciences, University of Yaoundé 1, Email: