Below are people who defended their Ph.D. Thesis under the supervision of Professor WOAFO Paul.
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Dr. CHEDJOU Jean Chamberlain (1999) Dr. FOTSIN Hilaire Bertand (2000 for Doctorat 3ème cycle and 2005 for Doctorat d'Etat) Dr. TCHOUKUEGNO Raymond (2003)
Senoir Lecturer University of Dschang. Professor University of Dschang.  
Dr. YAMAPI Réné (2003) ,, Dr. NOUBISSIE Samuel (2004), Dr.NANA Nbendjo Blaise Roméo (2004),,
Senoir Lecturer University of Douala Senoir Lecturer, University of Dschang (IUT-Fotso Victor, Bandjoun) Senoir Lecturer, University of Yaounde
Dr. CHEMBO Kouomou Yanne (2005)
Dr. ENJIEU Kadji Hervé (2006) , Dr.SIEWE Siewe Martin (2007),
  Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan, Senoir Lecturer, University of Yaounde